Misting Systems and mist fans



Using a High-pressure pump with small office mist nozzles. the high-pressure mist system can provide very effective cooling for the farm. The effective misting system is a high pressure specially designed for cooling, humidification and soaking of livestock, especially in compartmentalized farms. Special nozzles made from stainless steel are characterized by their reduced rate passing at high speed. This generates the spread a very fine mist that is uniformly distributed throughout the compartment and is absorbed by the
hot air, whereby a temperature is achieved comfortable. Furthermore, it can be used to control farm cooling and humidify the air inside the farm throughout the year providing optimum cooling conditions.
System Components
1 Filtration – optional with 2 or 4 filters
2 Computer controlled central high-pressure pump support up to 350 nozzles
3 High-pressure tubes nylon or Stainless steel
4 Smart Controller with sensors.
5 High-pressure Solenoid valves
7 Nozzle Fittings made from brass or stainless steel

Operating mode
If the temperature rises above the level setpoint, the controller will activate the missing and fans ventilation system for mist cooling. The pump will turn on and the main pipes will be filled with
water pressure of about 60 bars.
The high-pressure valve is installed on each misting line,It will be opened, and let the nozzles spraying a fine mist spray.
The Mist system advantages
) Effective cooling for livestock, especially on hot summer days, in which comfy maintain temperatures;
) Indoor air humidification and ventilation during all year, it is providing optimum constant fresh air;
) possibility to dose chemicals with the mist for odor and insects control.
) Function prior to cleaning the indoor air quality.
) Application of aerosols (air fresheners,medication) with good distribution.

Low-pressure water spray system simple but very effective can be used in regions with hot and dry summers. It’s based on the principle of evaporation. The higher the temperature, and the lower the degree of relative humidity, higher efficiency can be achieved.
a misting system  with high pressure chilled water