HVLS Large Farm Fans


Farm Fans

  • Up to 160° of Airflow, Wide Coverage Area
  • 6 Blades, Fan Size 6ft ( 1.83m )
  • High Performance & Heavy Duty
  • Offers Cooling and Comfort for Dairy Cows
  • Up to 25 % Increase on Milk Production of Dairy Cows


Order Code Fan Diameter maximum Motor   Maximum Speed Maximum Speed Airflow Coverage Weight
  (mm) Speed (Rpm) Power (KW)   P. Consumption (KWh) System Current (Amps) (m3/s) Area (m2) (kg)
ÇİFTLİK6 6 ft. (1.83m) 150-350 2.2   2 8 21 294 110




*Weight of fans change depending on the length and design of mounting brackets.

*Coverage area is affected by objects such as obstructing the airflow. (Columns, walls, machines, furniture’s…)




Benefits of HVLS Farm Fans

  • With oscillating head option, up to 160 degrees of airflow covers wide area.
  • 15 °C is ideal ambient temperature for dairy cows’ milk production. Inconvenient conditions and hot weather effects negatively. Layer of warm air on body and blow flies annoy cows. However, Pivot Farm Fans distract them with maximum air movement and offers cooling and comfort for dairy cows. Also Pivot Farm Fans sustain to increase productivity of them.
  • The fan can be easily pivoted up or down to aim in one direction for optimal air flow.
  • Assist in the removal of contaminant and heat. Help reduce condensation on floors and equipment’s.
  • It offers eco-friendly and affordable solutions.
  • Offer multi-fan control and adjustable fan speed.(Optionally required)